Essence: Thelma and Victory

posted by lyra

In the previous post Elizabeth asked me:

So I did it :) I put Victory over Thelma.
The result was so beautifull… take a look yourself ;)

Thelma and Victory:

Here is the picture of Victory in the bottle:


Yaaay! Today I got another polish twin-set :) Bonnie & Clyde, but I will swatch them tomorrow.

I really like the idea on how the Essence named these polishes – after famous pairs
Another twin-set is named Mr. Big & Carrie. I also got Carrie today but I droped it by mistake and the bottle broke :(
The polish was everywhere! Even on the walls :S
But I’m still optimistic that I will get Carrie again and find Mr. Big somewhere ;)

Lyra :)

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