Here is another gorgeous polish from the OPI Burlesque collection. It’s called Show It And Glow It! The glitter is mostly purple but it contains some silver, blue and orange as well. This one is also extremely sparkly and it needs three coats for full coverage.

OPI Show It And Glow It!:


P.s.: I’m preparing a giveaway for my blog Nail Junkie’s first birthday! And this polish is included ;)



I was really excited about the OPI Burlesque Collection because of the glitter polishes in it. The first one I would like to show you is Shimmer & Shimmer. It’s a mixture of loads of lighter blue, silver, gold, pink and orange glitter. It’s super sparkly and it’s perfect for winter. Here are three coats.

OPI Shimmer & Shimmer:


Bye! Lyra



I simply had to buy the Space Cadet from Orly Cosmic FX collection. I think this one it the most interesting color in the collection. It’s like a chameleon and it gives so many different colors! It doesn’t look good while in the bottle but once you apply it to the nails it’s real killer. I’ll let the pictures talk for themselves.

Orly Space Cadet:


I also took more photos of the Galaxy Girl.


Have a nice day!


Hi everyone!

The new trend edition from Essence is on the horizon! It will be available on the shelves from December 2010 and it’s called Fairytale. As you can imagine this collection sparkles a lot :) In the collection there are as usual the nail polishes, eye shadows, lip glosses and eyeliners. I made some swaches of polishes, lip glosses and eyeliners :) I have to say that I really like the design on the packaging – fairies, butterflies and flowers.


POLISHES: there are six polishes in this collection. Polishes are sparkling and they have shimmery foil-like finish. When I saw the promo picture I wasn’t exited about any shade. They just didn’t seem special but when I tried them on, I liked at least three of them. The formula is ok, I didn’t have any problems with application.

Fairy Berry: is a warm toned purple color with a lot of silver shimmer, which gives the polish that foil finish. Two coats are needed for full coverage. On the index finger is Essence Bubble Bubble from Into The Ocean TE.


Humpty Dumpty: this one is one of my favorites. It’s gray color with splash of purple and with loads of silver shimmer. I love it! It takes two coats for full coverage.


Once Upon A Time: this one is the only one that doesn’t have a foil-like finish. It’s medium red jelly base with red and gold glitter that give the polish a lot of depth. It’s similar to China Glaze Ruby Pumps but it’s not a dupe. It’s opaque in two coats.


Pixie Dust: nude color with hint of pink and a lot of silver shimmer. It’s nice, subtle polish which is opaque in three coats.


Tinka’s Dress: peachy orange color with silver shimmer. Another nice and soft shade which is opaque in three coats.


Welcome To The Wonderland: is a light lavender color with a lot of silver shimmer. I like this one on my nails. Needs three coats for full coverage.


LIP GLOSSES: there are three lip glosses in Fairytale collection.
Fairy berry: light purple base with purple shimmer
Once Upon a time: red jelly color
Pixie Dust: clear base with multicolor shimmer


And the last picture of Glitter eyeliners swatches:


Do you like anything from the Fairytale Trend Edition collection?
Have a nice time!



Here is another great holo polish. China Glaze Tickle My Triangle is hot pink or raspberry holo color. I also love the name of it ;)

China Glaze Tickle My Triangle:

Bye! -Lyra*


Orly Shine is pure silver color with shimmery foil finish. Like Luxe this one is also super sparkly. It takes two coats to achieve full coverage.

Orly Shine:


I wanted to go over the top with the shine so I added two layers of OPI Paris Couture For Sure Top Coat. At this point my nails were holographic and ridiculously sparkly. I couldn’t take my eyes of them.


To finish it off I added the Konad design from image plate m50 with a black polish. I have to say I love this mani very much on my nails.

Have a nice time!


Nfu Oh: 65

posted by lyra


Because of the gorgeous holo Nfu Oh polishes I “invested” in the Nfu Oh Aqua Base. I couldn’t help myself and I bought another two hologram colors – Nfu Oh 65 and 62.


Nfu Oh 65: Where have you been all my life? It’s the most gorgeous holo light blue color I’ve ever seen. It’s ridiculously holographic even when it’s not on sunlight. It takes two coats for full coverage on the Aqua base.

I’m happy that I bought the Aqua base because now I won’t have problems with the application. There will be no more bold spots and strikes anymore :)


I love this gold polish! Orly Luxe: nice warm gold color packed with a lot of silver metallic micro-glitter. The result is super sparkly look with a foil-like finish. It’s well pigmented so it’s opaque in one coat! This is really an eye-catching color.


Because I like black’n'gold combinations I added a coat of Barry M Instant nail a.k.a. crackle polish. I wanted to keep the matte finish of crackle polish so I applied a top coat prior to the coat of crackle.




I love Catrice polishes! They apply flawlessly and they are extremely long lasting, so there are no chips the very next day ;) The color range is big and anyone can find something suitable for themselves. Today I will show you the Catrice Lost In Mud which is medium brown creamy color with splash of gray. After applying a top coat this one becomes even more brownish. It’s opaque in two coats.

Catrice Lost In Mud:


I was in a good mood today so I’ve done some Konading. I used Konad image plate m75 and the Konad special polish in Apple Green color. I also added the Essence flower shaped rhinestones.


Do you like it?   -Lyra



Yesterday I felt so uninspired. I stared at all my polishes for about half an hour and not a single one looked interesting enough. This was my 3rd try to make something worth showing. At first I tried something with gold and black combination – didn’t work out, then I did some layering and it was no-no. After that I made another Konad failure. At the end I put on the Essence Zulu from Into The Wild collection and done the Konad with Barry M Vivid Purple and image plate m65. I still don’t like this manicure on my nails, but I guess it’s one of those days when there is no polish that will satisfy me. :)




Bye! -Lyra*

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